How to: Add Data

The Data page where data is uploaded before building the job. It is the first page shown after clicking selecting a template or "Start from Scratch". Test questions can also be uploaded as data on this page, please see this article for more information.


Data File

To upload a data file, click Browse and select a file to upload. The files can also be dragged and dropped directly into the page. After upload, the data will be visible in the data page.

What kind of formats are acceptable?

The data file must be UTF-8 encoded. .CSV, .TSV, .XLSX, and .ODS file formats are acceptable and all must be in UTF-8. All data files must have a column header for each column.  


Common Data Upload Errors

  • Problem: Data File contains an empty column header
  • Solution: Add a column header to the column that is missing the header or deletes the column if it's not necessary for the job. 


  • Problem: Data File contains multiple column headers with the same name
  • Solution: Change one of the duplicate column headers to ensure each column header is unique




Start a job without data

For surveys, click the "Create a survey" button under the Data upload option. By default, one blank unit will appear in the dataset if the "Create a survey" button is selected.



Example Source Data

Below is a list of sample source data that have been formatted for upload to the Appen Data Annotation Platform. You may download these data and upload them into the platform for testing and compare against your own source data.





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