Guide to: Hosting & Adding PDFs to Instructions


The PDF upload feature streamlines the process of including externally developed content within your job instructions, saving you valuable time. This feature eliminates the manual effort you would traditionally invest in copying and pasting pre-written instructions into ADAP jobs. The PDF upload capability can serve as supporting documentation, enabling you to utilize images and audio and more within your instructions. You can use the instruction editor to upload a locally stored file, or use the code editor to insert a link to a hosted file.

Instructional Editor

Within the instructional editor UI, the "Upload PDF File" icon is located in the edit panel.

  • Click on the icon
  • Drag your file into the box, or
  • Click into the box to browse for a file

When you upload a PDF, your file will by default be uploaded to a secure S3 bucket. 

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 12.16.37 PM.png

Fig. 1: Upload PDF

To remove the PDF, position your cursor to the right of the PDF and hit delete on your keyboard.

Code Editor

You can also embed links to hosted PDFs into your instructions with the following HTML tag. By default the PDF will display its actual size, or adjust to size of the div you place it in. You can alter this behavior by specifying a height and width attribute in pixels or percentage within the tag itself.

<iframe src="EXAMPLE_URL_PATH" width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>

For example:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>

Hosting PDFs

In cases where you do not have access to a PDF's url, you can host the file on a PDF hosting service. As a best practice, we recommend hosting the PDF on your private company servers such as Amazon S3, see this article.


If using S3 or if referencing data from another cloud storage provider, ensure that the data is publicly accessible as we do not currently support SDA in the instructions section.

After hosting, paste the link into the <iframe src="url">tag.

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