Why use Quality Flow?

Quality Flow Projects provides you with enhanced quality assurance methodology along with highly flexible data annotation workflow capabilities. 

Guide to: Quality Flow Project Set-up

Fig. 1: Example Quality Flow

In a Quality Flow project you can:

  1. perform ongoing quality assurance on all or a sample of your data
  2. communicate feedback to contributors in-tool, and optionally allow them the right of reply
  3. investigate in detail the quality of each contributor’s work
  4. filter and sort your data based on responses, qa results, unit history and more
  5. put your data through various different operations (or jobs), without downloading and uploading
  6. break larger files into smaller segments but keep them together in groups, so that contributors can work on them in sequence and retain context



Fig. 2: Example dataset actions


Fig. 3: Example Quality Metrics


Guide to: Quality Flow Project Set-up

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