When to use Quality Flow


Quality Flow Projects assumes some things about your intended workflow, and has been designed with some built-in features that support these assumptions, but you do not need to utilize all of them.

  1. You want to perform ongoing quality assurance on all or a sample of your data, collecting information about the quality of each contributor’s work, as well as details about the quality of the resulting data.
  2. You want to communicate feedback to contributors in-tool, and optionally allow them the right of reply.
  3. From the QA process you want to learn about any low-performing contributors as well as understand where there might be weak points in the data, additionally you might want to find certain units based on this understanding and put them through another round of QA or else get them revised.
  4. You want to put your data through various different operations (or jobs), without downloading and uploading.
  5. You want to have an overview of all your data for a project in one place, along with the history of each unit.
  6. You have long files that you want to break into smaller segments to reduce cognitive load for contributors, but also keep them together in groups, so that contributors can work on them in sequence and retain context.


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