Guide to: Data management in Quality Flow Projects


When selecting units to be sent to Jobs in quality flow, there are a number of features you can use to help track and prioritize your data flow.

Data groups

If you have subsets of your data that you would like to be processed differently throughout your project (for example given to different sets of users), or worked on in a particular order you can create a Data Group.

  • A Data Group is created by selecting the desired units from the Data Set screen and then from the Actions > Create Data Group.
  • Once you create and name it, you’ll see it populated in the Data Group section of your data set (tab next to All Data).

There are a limited number of Actions available to take on the Data Group from the Data group tab. However, once you return to the All Data tab, you can filter or search on your group name and action on your data group that way.

Essentially, a Data Group is a tag you can use to filter your data.

Unit Prioritization

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If you want to treat some of your units as high priority you can set them as Prioritized via Actions on the Data Set table. Prioritized units will be worked on first in both Work and QA jobs.

  • After selecting the units or data groups choose Actions > Update Priority For Selected Units
  • In the dialogue pop-up choose whether to Prioritize or Deprioritize the selection.
  • Prioritized units will have a unit tag "Prioritized".
  • Priority is at the Project level which means that prioritized units will always be prioritized in any job, until you deprioritize them.



Recursive Sampling

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  • You can add filtering criteria to your routing by clicking on the grey circle leading from the data box to the job on the Jobs canvas. First set a Frequency and then set your filters. Units will flow into your jobs according to your frequency and filter criteria.
  • See this article for important information regarding Filter Criteria unit routing when moving units from Job to Job.


  • When you are using Filter Criteria, percentage sampling will always be 100%.
  • Filter criteria can only be set for one job at a time


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