LLM Data Products Overview


Appen’s platform provides a set of ready to use LLM project templates for carrying out large language model fine-tuning and evaluation tasks. Please talk to your CSM to have this feature enabled for your team.

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to access it via the circle icon on the left hand sidebar.

  • Click on this icon to be taken to the LLM Data Products page, where you will see three tabs containing templates for dataset creation, model tuning and trust & security projects.

If you do not see your exact use case in any of these tabs, reach out to your CSM contact to discuss customization options. Please see this article for guidance in using the templates.



Data Curation

Use these templates to craft custom datasets with the help of Appen’s large pool of domain experts. 


Model Tuning

Use these templates to assess and improve your model’s outputs with the help of Appen’s large pool of domain experts. 


Trust & Security

Use these templates to leverage Appen's large and diverse pool of contributors and experts to thoroughly validate the safety and security of your models in real world applications.



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