Job States in Quality Flow Projects

While a Job is still being created in Quality Flow Projects it is in a Draft state. In Draft state all of the design is still editable and all of the settings are still configurable. 

At the end of the "Settings" process you will be asked to move your Job into Preview mode. While in Preview mode, the Job state is "Paused". You are able to move units into the Job and units will flow according to any automatic routing you have set up (if units do not start to flow within 15 minutes, please contact support).

The final step is setting the Job status to "Running". When the job is running, you can still modify your design but the rest of the settings are not configurable.

If you want to change some configurations (not all configurations can be or stop the Job from being visible to contributors, you can set the Job back to "Paused", make the changes and then resume if necessary.

To summarise:

  Draft Paused Running
Modify Settings yes yes no
Modify Design yes yes yes
Open to Workers no yes yes
Send units to Job no yes yes
Route units from Work to QA no yes yes



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