Product Release Notes - March 2023

    • Our UI for Shapes, Video Shapes, Document Transcription, and Tiled Image Annotation now has a real-time instance counter for contributors! This new feature lets contributors track the number of instances they've annotated in real-time, improving efficiency and accuracy. Try it out to stay on top of your annotation progress!
    • We're thrilled to announce that our document transcription tool now supports multipage annotations and key-value pairing across pages! Users can easily annotate multiple pages within a task and assign key-value pairs to specific localized text transcriptions across pages. Try it out to quickly and accurately capture and organize information across multiple pages! More Info
    • We're excited to announce our comprehensive guide to Image Annotation Aggregation! Whether you're a researcher, data scientist, or developer, this guide is a valuable resource for understanding how our image annotation tools, cml:shapes and cml:image_transcription, support aggregation of shapes More Info

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