Guide To: Designating Test Questions for Quiz or Work Mode with Gold Pool


The Gold Pool feature gives you ability to ensure that some Test Questions are only used in Quiz Mode, while others are only used in Work Mode. This feature is another great quality mechanism that enhances the primary ADAP quality mechanism - Test Questions.

Ensure you are continuing to follow the recommendations for Test Question best practices by reviewing the information in the link. If you are batch launching units, it is recommended that you create new Test Questions for each batch and deactivate old Test Questions. This will ensure that the Test Questions remain relevant and indistinguishable to the provided source data.


There are two ways to interact with the Gold Pool feature: via reports, and via UI.

1. After you have created your test questions, go to the Quality page and select ‘Download test question report’


Fig. 1 Test Question Report

2. Open the gold_report file and under the _gold_pool column designate which rows should be either “quiz” or “work”


3. Save the CSV file and upload the saved file back to the job.


4. If the update is successful, you will see a change in the “Last Updated” column in the UI


  • To see which Test Questions are designated “quiz”, “work”, or none/both you can regenerate the TQ report and download again.

    • You can regenerate the TQ report via the API (gold_report)

Alternatively, to use this feature via UI, please first reach out to your CSM to have it enabled. Once it is enabled and you have created your Test Questions, in the top right hand corner, there will be a Mode select field.

1. Select the Test Question ID on the Quality page in the UI and then select the Mode you wish the question to have.



2. After making the selection hit the “Save Changes” button

3. If the update is successful the change will be reflected in the “Last Updated” field on the Quality page.


You can use either method to make changes to a question's gold pool designation at any time.

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