How to: Delete a Job

The "Delete" option on the job listings page permanently deletes jobs. This action is not reversible, so please use this option with caution.

Points to remember

  • "Running", "Launching" or "Paused" Jobs can not be deleted. Jobs in any other state can be deleted.
  • Jobs that are part of a Workflow cannot be deleted.
  • Only the job creator and/or the Admin of the Team can delete a Job.
  • A deleted job cannot be searched for once deleted. 


To access "Delete" click on the menu button on the jobs listing page and select the "Delete" option.



Fig.1 Delete Job

A prompt will open confirming your intention. You will be directed to re-enter the Job ID of the job you want to delete as an acceptance of conditions and understanding that the action is irreversible.

Make sure the typed-in Job ID matches the Job ID given in the prompt and click "I understand the conditions, delete this job" button.



Fig. 2 Conditions prompt

A message will appear confirming the deletion.


Fig. 3 Confirmation message

You will receive a confirmation email when deletion process is completed when “Delete” feature is accessed both from UI & API.

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