Server-Side Validation (SSV)

Server-side validation (SSV) is a basic level validation feature in ADAP which is on the server end of operations. SSV is intended to help reduce Null and incorrect judgments. Specifically, our attempt is to flag null & incorrect judgments on required (*) fields. Please note, SSV is not intended to replace our client-side validators. It is intended as another mechanism to ensure data integrity and quality.  

Important: Use JavaScript (JS) at your own discretion. In most circumstances, JavaScript used for smaller cosmetic customization (look and feel) will not break server-side validation. However, Server-side validation may fail if your custom JS deletes fields or transforms field values. The use of JavaScript in jobs is not fully supported by SSV, thus we cannot guarantee that SSV will stop null or incorrect judgments on required fields in your job. As a job author, you are responsible for your data quality. SSV is a quality mechanism used to reduce null and incorrect judgments – it does not guarantee data quality or integrity.

If a <script> tag is detected in the CML, JavaScript is present (job copy) or JavaScript is detected in a job, an Opt in prompt will pop up on the design page. Below is the Opt in popup that details the information regarding SSV. If you Deselect the Opt in checkbox and click confirm, you will disable SSV for the entirety of the job.


Things to Note about SSV

  1. For jobs with custom JavaScript, SSV may or may not work based on the advancement of JavaScript.
    • SSV may work with JS used for minute cosmetic improvements
    • SSV may NOT work with basic (non-cosmetic) to advanced JS.
  2. For Jobs with No Custom JS, SSV should work.
  3. SSV will be enabled by default for all judgment types (without customer JavaScript) which include Test Questions and for jobs in Quiz mode and Work mode.

  4.  SSV runs after judgment submission on the ADAP work page (which is where annotators complete the annotation tasks). Please note that if one row of task on the entire assignment page is flagged by SSV for being “incorrect” or “null”, then none of the units on the page will be accepted.

  5. Below is the error message a contributor will get when SSV flags an “incorrect” or “null” judgment. Contributors will not be able to continue submitting judgments on the job until their work assignment expires.


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